The Conflict Watch Center (CWC) is an intervention of the Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development designed to identify, track and report on conflict early warning signs in the Niger Delta. The Center collates reports and data from conflict trackers based in the target communities of CIEPD’s intervention in several projects, who use conflict indicators that are community specific for identifying, analyzing and tracking potential conflict flashpoints. CIEPD-CWC is growing part of a network of conflict early warning and tracking systems working in tandem to ensure conflict transformation in the Niger Delta. The CWC feeds into several conflict response systems within and outside the Niger Delta, and provides real time analysis of potential conflict points to relevant stakeholders such as the security agencies, civil society partners, governments and rural communities. Since it became functional, the Conflict Watch Center’s conflict transformation paradigm has become part of every development activity of the organization in the Niger Delta. To view the CIEPD Watch Center reports, click here.

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