Critical Look At The 28th of March Presidential Election By CIEPDCWC (Part one)

15 March 2016 by Election Reports 889 Views
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With the 28th of March election come and gone without the much predicted increase of electoral violence due to unprecedented interventions such as His Excellency,

President GoodLuck Jonathan conceding to Defeat etc. We should begin to look at the just concluded election critically with a view of drawing out issues that we can learn from so as to avoid repetitions of the not so good incidences and also replicating the good ones.

In view of this, apart from the CIEPD Conflict Watch Center (CWC) where conflict incidence are being gathered, CIEPD has been engaging observers, media, Non government Organization with a view of a firsthand /“undiluted” information.
1) Three to four percent is considered by some expert as the “generally accepted high level of rejected ballots”. The last presidential elections almost hit the 3 percent. Out of the total number of vote casted (29,432,083) during the last poll, 844,519 were recorded as invalid. Using percentage we have 2.9 % of the total number of vote casted as invalid.
Is been observed that the ink used during the election was not of good quality and this to a large extent can be attributed to the invalid number of votes.
Recommendation to INEC
Is it possible to get better ink for this next election and if that is not possible can the INEC official educate the electorate on the best way to use the ink?
2) From CIEPD Conflict Watch Center analysis and also collaboration from observers feedback engagements, there was about 50% increase in electoral violence the day before the election.
Recommendation to Security Officers
Be more vigilant and put all the security apparatus to work so as to forestall any violence incidences. The security agents in many occasions have been accused of aiding electoral violence, so we hope and advice that the police should only take up the legitimate role and responsibility of maintaining peace and security.
Recommendation to NGOs
Those that are involved in the election intervention should create more awareness of the trend so as to get more people aware and take precautions this can be done through messaging ( Frontline SMS and bulk SMS).
Recommendation to Electorate
Be sensitive to your environment and take all necessary precautions to reduce your vulnerability
3) The peace accords signed by the presidential candidates of various parties have been highlighted as one of the things that triangulated the minimal post presidential violence we are now experiencing. There are different perceptions to His Excellency President Goodluck, Jonathan conceding to defeat, but what cannot be ruled out is the effect of that every action. It has also being mentioned in different places that the peace accord was not just signed but it has been continuously supported and one of the support the peace accord received is by having people of integrity around the two major then presidential aspirants at the time the tension was at its peak (when emotions are taking greater part of the senses) surrounded by some of the facilitators of these peace accords.
Fortunately peace accord has been signed by most of the high risk state like Rivers, Lagos states.

Recommendation to the Facilitators of Peace Accord
To get respected individuals who do not have any inclination to any political party/ candidate, who were also involved and believe in the signed peace accord to be in close contact with the gubernatorial aspirants. They should make themselves available to them at the time tensions are high so as to help in diffusing the tensed situation by reminding them of their agreement to abide by the peace accord.

Recommendation to Media/NGOs
As the days of election draw closer the media/NGOs should project the peace accord signed by the parties. This will also help in creating awareness to their followership on the agreement signed by their leaders.

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